Things To Do in Kedarnath
India,  Uttarakhand

Activities in Kedarnath for Spectacular Religious Trip

As we know Kedarnath is the Religious place for Hindus and this is the part of the Chardham Yatra. Respectively Yamunotri, Gangotri, and Badrinath are also is part of the Chardham Yatra. This place received snowfall for 6 months in a year that’s why this place is more beautiful. Here, I am going to sharing Best Activities or Things to do in Kedarnath you must do when you visit this holy place.

Things To Do in Kedarnath for Religious Trip

1. Trekking

Trekking in Kedarnath

Almost every religious place have trekking option for before the visit and Kedarnath are also offered the same. Gauri Kund is situated on the bank of Mandakini river where the trekking is starting for the Kedarnath temple.

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2. Watching Sunset

Sunset point in Kedarnath
Sunset point

In the mountains, no doubt the sunset and sunrise are very beautiful. There are many sunset points in Kedarnath where you can enjoy this beautiful activity and please don’t forget to carry a camera to capture this beautiful moment.

3. Pray at Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Temple
Kedarnath Temple

This is a sacred place among Hindus and for devotees here are many temples that were built in ancient times. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and believed that one who visits this temple gets salvation (Moksha). To reach the temple you need to trek from Gaurikund. During the extreme winter season, the temple remains closed.

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4. Explore wildlife sanctuary

Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary was established in 1972 and is spread over 970 sq. km. The sanctuary is a major attraction and is visited by thousands of tourists and it is surrounded by dense forests of Oak and deodar trees and makes the place a better home for wildlife animals. You can see various wild animals here like a jackal, leopard, black deer and lots more. Apart from wild animals, you can also see here varied species of birds and reptiles. 

5. Explore Sonprayag Village


Son Prayag is a small place at the bank of Mandakini and the Basuki river. It is believed that son Prayag is considered a holy place and one who takes a dip in holy water, can attain the Baikunth dam or Nirvana.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. What are the Best Things to do in Kedarnath?

A. There are many activities you can enjoy like sunset watching, wildlife explores, pray at Temples, and many more.

Q. Best time to visit Kedarnath?

A. Best time to visit is from May to June and September to October. If you do not like harsh winters, then you must avoid traveling in the winter season.

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