Places to visit in Dhanaulti
India,  Uttarakhand

Places to visit in Dhanaulti explore Untouched Beauty of Uttarakhand

Dhanaulti is visited by many tourists in search of a quiet and comfortable place. The place is near Mussoorie in the Himalayan ranges and there are lots of attractions to visit. Every place in Dhanaulti is surrounded by natural forests also many places are perfect for peace seekers. A famous place in Dhanaulti is a Glasshouse restaurant and adventure camp. Here is a list of places that you must visit in Dhanaulti.

Best Tourist places in Dhanaulti for travellers

  • Eco point park
  • Dhanaulti Adventure park
  • Tehri Dam
  • Deogarh Fort
  • Glass House restaurant – Apple Orchard resort
  • Camp Thangdar 
  • Surkanda Devi Temple
  • Chanderi Town
  • Potato farm
  • Dashavtar Temple

1. Eco point park

Eco point park
Eco point park

This park is spread over 13 hectares and was built by locals and DFO to create employment also to save the environment. Over a period, the place became one of the most visited places in Dhanaulti. The park is surrounded by deodar and oak trees and that’s what makes the place more beautiful. There are various adventure activities to do in Eco-park, like sky walking, rock climbing, flying fox and lots more. If you are not interested in activities then you can just sit in the huts made in a peaceful environment.  

Visiting hours = 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Entry fee = INR10 onwards 

Trip Duration = Around 3 hours

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2. Dhanaulti Adventure park

Dhanaulti Adventure park
Dhanaulti Adventure park

The adventure park in Dhanaulti is a perfect place to escape the stressful life. The park is surrounded by tall trees and from the park, you can have a splendid view of beautiful surroundings. The best activities to try in the park are skywalk, valley crossing, rock climbing, zip swing, trekking, paragliding and lots more. The charges for activities are different and you must visit the park as early as possible because the park tends to be crowded throughout the day. 

Visiting hours = 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Entry fee = Charges are different for activities 

Trip Duration = Around 1-2 Hour

3. Tehri Dam

Tehri Dam
Tehri Dam

This Dam is a popular place for a picnic among locals and tourists often visit here. At the place, you can enjoy the bird watching and scenic beauty of the surrounding. Near the dam, you can also enjoy boating. For better holidays you must hire a guide so that you can visit the places easily.

Visiting hours = 24*7 open

Entry fee = Free

Trip Duration = Around 1-2 hours 

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4. Deogarh Fort

Deogarh Fort Uttarakhand
Deogarh Fort Uttarakhand

This fort is the best place to visit in Dhanaulti for history lovers because the fort was in the 18th century and within the fort, you can see several forts that are always decorated beautifully. In and around fort you can see several Jain temples where you can spend time worshipping. At places, you can also see various murals of history. 

Visit timings = 6:00AM – 6:00PM  

Charges = Free

Ideal Duration = Less than 1 hour 

5. Apple Orchard Resort

Apple Orchard Resort
Apple Orchard Resort

This one of the best places to visit in Dhanaulti for dining. At Apple Orchard resort you can have organic foods and serve the taste of Uttarakhand. There are only a few places in Uttarakhand where you can go for dining and if you are visiting the Apple Orchard resort then don’t miss the Garhwali foods, they are just mouth-watering. From the resort, you can have a magnificent view of the valley.    

Visiting Timings = 8:00AM – 9:00PM

Trip Duration = Around 1-2 Hours

6. Camp Thangdar 

Camp Thangdar
Camp Thangdar

The Thangdar camp is a perfect place for off-beat activities to enjoy in Dhanaulti. The camp organizes various activities like rock climbing, snow camping, biking, trekking and lots more for tourists. At the camp, you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding. To enjoy the activities you need to have pre-registration and nearby the camp there are various sightseeing. 

Visiting hours = Registration required 

Entry Fee = INR 2000 onwards for 2 days

Trip Duration = Around 1-2 days

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7. Surkanda Devi Temple

Surkanda Devi Temple
Surkanda Devi Temple

This temple is one of the sacred places in Dhanaulti and to reach the temple one needs to trek. For some people trekking to temple is tough but the climb is worth it. It is believed that the temple is dedicated to Sati and the place is also a popular Shaktipeeth of India.      

Visiting hours = 8:00AM – 7:00PM

Trip Duration = Around 2-3 Hours 

8. Chanderi Town

Town is built with a blend of the sultanate and Rajput architecture. The place is a must-visit for history enthusiasts because the place will remind you of the Mughal era. There are various other attractions in the town that you can explore such as Badal mahal, Koshak mahal, and Victory Arch.          

Visiting hours = 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Trip Duration = Around 1-2 hours

Entry Fee = Free

9. Potato farm

Potato farm
Potato farm

This form is a perfect place if you want to explore nature in the natural farm, the place is locally known as ‘Aloo Khet’. The potatoes are cultivated in a stepped manner and the best time to visit the place is in the evening to enjoy the majestic sunsets. At the place you can also go for a long walk also near the farm there is the main market to enjoy shopping.   

Visiting hours = 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Entry fee = INR 25 onwards 

Trip Duration = Around 1 hour

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10. Dashavtar Temple

Dashavtar Temple
Dashavtar Temple

This temple is one of the popular places to visit in Dhanaulti and it was built in the Gupta empire. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the architecture of the temple is construed beautifully. At the temple, you can see many inscriptions of Vaishnava mythology. 

Visiting hours = 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Trip Duration = Around 1 hour

Entry Fee = Free

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. How to reach Dhanaulti?

A. You can’t reach directly here you have to first visit Dehradun after that you can be caught private taxi and bus from Deharadun. Dhanaulti is located just 26 km far away from Dhanaulti.  

Q. What type of food is available in Dhanaulti?

A. The number of restaurants in Dhanaulti is limited and you can have north Indian, Chinese, Italian and continental cuisines here. The two restaurants are most famous in Dhanaulti that is the Glass House restaurant and Little Llama Café.

Q. Best time to visit Dhanaulti?

A. You can visit Dhanaulti at any time of the year because the climate remains pleasant throughout the year but if you don’t like rain you must avoid monsoon because at this time the climate becomes harsh to travel.

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